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Mariam & Yazid – Kajang, Selangor November 9, 2009

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Client : Mariam

Location : Kajang, Selangor

Wedding Date : 7 November 2009

Once and for all, InnaiSari wish Cik Yam much love and laughter on your wedding day and everyday after. May the wedding knot getting strong and stronger till the last breath (Ameen). A great appreciation goes to Encik Kumbang (Puan Bunga’s husband) for indirectly assist us a lot and for being supportive. To Along (my dearly cousin) and Mai ( housemate) :  thank you so much for your assistance. 

Thanks to aunty & uncle (Mariam’s mom and dad), kak Munirah, kak Mastura & abg E (Mariam’s siblings) for being co-operative. Thanks for letting us to use your lovely antique brown clay vases :p


Here are some update on Mariam’s Wedding.

From Left to Right (Ascending)

1 & 3 : Flower Girl’s basket

2 : Hand bouquet : Originally was used for Mariam’s Majlis Berinai

4 : Table’s Decoration (just like a candle light dinner ~ a romantic one)

5 : Floral Arrangement @ Entrance and Main Entrance (with pebbles, rose petals and candles scattered around d vases)

6 : Hand Bouquet : for Mariam’s Wedding Solemnisation

7 – 9 : Floral Arrangement and Staircase decoration

Note :

We couldn’t update every single photos for the event. It is just a sneak preview for you. More photos will be uploaded soon especially the floral arrangements for bridal room.

Fresh Flower Arrangements @ Bridal Room : Puan Bunga

Fresh Flower Arrangement @ Bridal Room’s Entrance : Innai

Table Decoration for Invited Guest : Innai

Chair Decoration for VVIP : Puan Bunga & our new assistant, Along

Bridal Hand Bouquets : Puan Bunga & Innai

Floral Arrangement & Staircase Decoration : Puan Bunga, Innai & our new assistance, Along

Flower Girl’s basket : Innai


Faizal & Norshida October 15, 2009

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Anor. new customer (not really a customer as both of them are among my friends back in college).  Colour theme was supposed to be royal purple mixed with black and white.  Out of the blue, I found the exact royal purple satin, but the combination of royal purple and black – both doesn’t meant to be.  I try to mix and match accordingly (based on the color scheme card) and I decided to use the combination of royal purple with satin white and lilac.  Photos will be uploaded soon – once I received the picture from the photographer 🙂


Marina & Rashid – Bt Caves, Selangor October 11, 2009

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Hantaran from Marina to Rashid & Rashid to Marina

Floral Arrangement @ Console Table


Nuraini & Fadzli – Bentong, Pahang October 10, 2009

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Client : Nuraini

Location : Bentong, Pahang

Wedding Date : 1 May 2009

I’ve been busy with previous job @ one of advertising firm in KL, and somemore, I’m still studying (haha, one of the reason why Cik Yam said that I’m relentless studying this and that (quoting her words..)  Here are some update of the fresh flowers tray decoration for Nuraini.

Fresh Flowers Arrangement done by : Pn Bunga, Innai & Yana – Team Mekar Bunga Deco – for more photos


Florist Hopping

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This is the 2nd time I brought Mariam to Florist. The main concern is to give an ideas on what are the flowers will be used for her bridal bouquet; at least she learned something ie: name of flowers, range of price, the origin of the flowers and etc.  Some of my previous client were too fussy and they don’t even appreciate our job. They want something which is ‘cantik di mata, kedekut nak bayar’.

This is not a simple job and we believe that some of Wedding Planner don’t even do this, but we did. She picked her very own flowers for her bridal bouquet for both side and as usual, I can’t reveal it first! Here are some photos taken during the visit. Enjoys!

We’ve tried our best to satisfy our customer’s wedding wishes.  That is our promise!

p/s I’m so happy when proposing her how her table centerpiece look like, Mariam seems happy with it!!


Site Visit to Mariam’s House

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Dated 3rd October 2009, we made a compulsory visit to Mariam’s House.  Pn Bunga, accompanied by her supportive husband, me myself and mai went to Mariam’s house for a site visit cum ‘berhari raya.’  Her mom, whom I called aunty still not sleeping while uncle is not feeling well.  Aunty told us that he got a fever.  We did took some photos of her house; which the photos will be used as our reference in choosing the best interior and floral arrangement for her bridal room and staircase decoration. I can’t reveal it too much as I’m afraid if Cik Yam will be mad at me. 


Not much of photos taken due to her house condition – still under construction and renovation process. We gonna update from time to time.  Things to do for Mariam’s Wedding are as follow:

1.  Floral Arrangement @ Bridal Room’s Entrance

2. Floral Arrangement @ Bridal Room’s side table

3. Floral Arrangement @ Stair

4. Floral Arrangement & Staircase Decoration

5. 2 Floral Arrangement @ Main Entrance

6. Table centerpieces and Floral Arrangement @ VIP Guest’s Chair

7. Bridal Bouquet for her nikah, berinai kecil and sanding

8. Bridal Bouquet and buttoneries @ Groom’s Reception


Innai Sari – The History August 3, 2009

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The History

Innai Sari – Keunikan nama Innai Sari di ambil bersempena nama “Inai” atau “Henna” yang terkenal di kalangan masyarakat Melayu dan India; yang sinonim dengan majlis perkahwinan kedua-dua kaum. Pennguna kata ‘Seri’ yang ditukar kepada “Sari” bagi tujuan pengkomersilan membawa maksud sesuatu yang indah dan cantik.  Gabungan kedua-duanya membentuk Innai Sari.